"It's time to re-think charity. It's time to give charity the big-league freedoms we really give to business."

Dan Palotta

Social Entrepreneur

pax Humana finds good people and organizations with great but not fully implemented ideas. We learn their story and then join them in it by supplying precisely applied resource and expertise to give their work the lift and support they need to make even greater peace in the world.

In the same way that entrepreneurs and venture capitalists identify unrealized potential in businesses and then apply their expertise and funding to achieve success, pax Humana uses the same strategy in the non-profit / social justice sector.

By doing this, we occupy the position between undiscovered charities doing great work and donors looking to make the most of the resources they provide.


We help charities act on their mission more effectively; we provide donors the assurance that their support is going to great organizations positioned to make a manifest difference in the area of need they are operating in.

The big problems we face need to be met with big ideas implemented really well. Our partners have great ideas. We help them implement the crap out of their dreams and in doing so, together we meet the world’s big problems with big solutions.

While there are plenty of projects to consider, those that we work with must:


  • display a clear potential for scalable success

  • lack the kind of expertise and/or resource that pax Humana can provide

  • display a willingness to work in partnership for a fixed term with clearly outlined goals


Our partnership agreements with the identified social entrepreneurs are based upon:


  • fixed term assistance

  • focus on providing strategic lift to an existing project or operation

  • resources provided only within the specific scope of the project identified