“However beautiful the strategy,
you should occasionally
look at the results.”

Winston Churchill

Currently, the relationship between many funders and the charities they support is much like tourists wandering through a street market. Constant solicitation, distrust of that which is offered and a great amount of energy expended by all involved. Funders grow exhausted and build barriers to the deluge of requests and charities often spend excessive amounts of energy and resources on closing the sale. Rather than focus on the important work that got them started, charities creep towards structures that work for fundraising but lose sight of the initial goal.

It many cases, charity funding does not work for anyone involved.


It doesn't have to work this way.  

We work with funding agencies and individual philanthropists to clarify their strategic goals and then assist them in identifying ideal agencies and projects that meet those goals. Rather than building a structure entirely around responding to unsolicited requests, we allow funders to act proactively, and often with greatly  reduced administrative costs, to identify and support the best projects that meet their strategic goals.

Wealth comes from identifying and taking advantage of strategic opportunities. We simply assist funding agencies apply many of those same principals in their philanthropic work.

Proactive giving works and it works for funders and charities.


Working directly with donor individuals and agencies, we help them clarify and refine the strategic purpose of their philanthropy.