"It's time to re-think charity. It's time to give charity the big-league freedoms we really give to business."

Dan Palotta

Social Entrepreneur

Together, our team represents decades of work with charitable organizations and funding agencies. With much achieved, we also saw first hand the amount of work devoted to acquiring funding and in deciding how to distribute resources. In many cases, the work is inefficient and decisions are often based on questionable criteria. 


Some years ago we began to see a better way and have been working with funders to assist them in taking a more proactive approach to what they do and what they seek to accomplish. It starts with establishing clear strategic goals and then matching those goals with the best projects and charities evaluated on a matrix of criteria that cover both hard measurable and more values-based identifiers.


Our method allows funders to adopt a posture of leadership and to cut their administrative costs associated with applications and unsolicited requests. What is more, those charities that receive funding are often freed up to focus more on the work itself while devoting less time to chasing financial support that may never materialize. 


We identify the best projects at less cost for the funder and less time chasing for the charity.