pax Humana is the product of three friends agreeing on what work they find most meaningful and what problem they most want to solve together. After years of first hand experience, we believe that better work will be done more effectively and more fruitfully for those involved if donors and charities forge a new way of working together. pax Humana was formed to clear that new path.


While we come from a Christian worldview, we believe our faith is most relevant, authentic and alive when we care for the afflicted, welcome the foreigner and befriend the lonely. As result, we consider it an honour to champion those engaged in doing the same in their part of the world no matter what their particular view of the world might be. To hope for a life of peace is to be human and in that, we are all connected.


David Ward

David is the founder and Chief Executive of Keatswiliam Mangement Ltd.


Over the past 25 years, he has helped businesses and non-profits grow, adapt and reach their goals. With experience internationally and in a wide variety of business and social justice sectors, David exemplifies the experience and scope we bring to our partners. 


pax Humana is the means by which our best efforts are given to those most in need.

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Ron Schlitt

Ron is President and CEO of The Stronger Group Corp.: a consulting firm that assists businesses, government agencies and non-profit organizations clarify their goals and establish ultimate strategic plans.


Ron brings a wealth of experience and a natural gift for pressing on assumptions and drawing out insights to assist his clients meet challenges in previously undiscovered ways.


He is a consultant, coach, facilitator, author, guest speaker and college instructor.

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Phil Morehouse

Phil is the founder of Morehouse Management Corp, a consulting firm dedicated to business and organizational development. 


His company utilized proprietary quantitive measures and structural analysis along with stakeholder interviews to drive organizational innovation for the achievement of management goals. 

Phil has experience working with public and private companies, not-for-profit associations and social service organizations.